Viby School

Have you the courage to go to a school where dance, music and theater is the most important?
On Viby Efterskole you can challenge yourself and living your dream within the above three categories.
You can focus on one of the lines and excel you in an area, or you can select all three lines and become a multi talent!
The continuation school is located on West Funen Odense-Fredericia in Nørre Aaby. A train that stops in the city every hour each way.

The school follows the Grundtvigian boarding school tradition and want to be open and participate in the general formation of the young. It is also important that young people learn to take a position in relation to freedom with responsibility.

Students are taught the usual school subjects, so you can take the examination after 9th grade.

However, it is the personal development courses the school attaches great importance to. It is not so important whether you are trained dancer, musician or the like, since you can choose the level that suits you. There are three levels to suit you depending on how skilled you are. Be not afraid of a challenge and do not hesitate to throw yourself into something new.

Search in here and make new friendships at a school you will remember for life.

Every summer the school a professional musical, which devoted six weeks to work with. In this way, trying all the students of how it is to work professionally with a setting where both the song, dance, music and theater are included.

It is professional stage artists in charge of teaching and sometimes there will be guest lecturers and artists from outside, which will provide new inspiration for the setup and teaching.

It is very important for the school to create a mutual respect between students and teachers at the school, as it creates a pleasant and safe environment where everyone can enjoy being present. On the way to be nurtured also an atmosphere of trust and the student will be formed as a "whole person".

Get a tour here and sign up safely to school and try a freer school where you come home and slowly start your own life.


Vibyvej 26a
5580 Nørre Åby

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Telefon: 64 42 12 41


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