Trend - Odense

Are you crazy about accessories? And do you not want to spend money on this at all? Then Trend is just the place for you! You can find a trend in Odense at Ørbækvej 75 in Rosengårdscenteret.

Whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, purses, bags, other accessories, nails, makeup or jewelry, you can find all this at Trend. They have a great selection of a lot of different things, all of which are at affordable prices. That's why you can easily shop at Trend if you need something to spice up your outfit.

The prices at Trend are extremely advantageous. That is, there are not a lot of dollars you need to spend if you find, for example, a pair of earrings, a nail polish or something else that helps to add some nice accessories to your dress. Therefore, Trend is definitely an obvious place for you as a student to shop accessories, However, it must be said that the quality matches the quality, so if you are looking for jewelry or something that is long-lasting it is not necessarily here you will find this. However, you can find a lot of nice things for cheap money if you want to find a fine piece of jewelry or something else for an evening out where you want something new. In addition, you can find fine buckles and other things for your hair. There is therefore plenty of opportunity to find a lot of usable accessories at Trend.

You can find Trend in their physical stores in either Odense and Copenhagen. Not in any of these cities, but still want to buy cheap accessories? Then you can also follow their website here .


Ørbækvej 232
5220 Odense

Contact info

Telefon: 50 89 46 13

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag - søndag: 10.00 - 17.00