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traffic Master

It's great when you need to take driver's license and make the roads unsafe, as they say.

Therefore, it is important to choose a driving school with a driving instructor who has great experience and is good to learn from him, you feel safe when driving around in traffic. It's Brian Møbjerg who Traffic Master driving school.

For Brian, it is not just an end in itself, you get a driver's license; you must also be a good and safe driver who is at ease to sit behind a steering wheel. Brian specially trained driving instructor, which means he not only educates you as ordinary motorist, but also trains driving instructors. It must be a mark of quality in itself and an additional collateral to get just the right training that driving instructors are trained here. At you get a good, experienced and competent teaching. At the driving school is based in your individual level and starting point, and so you are not forced into unpleasant experiences in traffic, you are not ready. You can be sure that quality is paramount, and that there is a thorough review of the practical as well as theoretical.

Before Brian was driving instructor, he was alarm technician and drove around 60-70,000 kilometers a year. During all that time on the road, he has seen many people who drive like a broken arm and has gained many experiences that he would pass on in his work as a driving instructor. Brian is a member of Aarhus Driving Instructor's Association and Danish Driving Instructor Association (DK-U)

You must first take the driving test on your 18th birthday, but you must start taking driving license already 3 months before your birthday. You must remember to have a medical certificate, and you should have a first aid course so you know what to do if you suffer an accident or to help others who are in need. See all rules on driving licenses here.

When you buy a medical certificate, you can also take a photo for your driver's license immediately by a photographer, so that the image meets the rules.

Brian treats all its students well and adapts its teaching to the individual. That way you get the best out of teaching. Most people will not afford a sports car, so it makes no sense to drive a car, you will not be running in the next. Brian has chosen a Skoda Superb as school wagon, as it is a car that meets all the requirements that exist today, and at the same time suitable for both a novice and an experienced motorist. Skoda'en has a connection point that helps the new driver on the road, so one does not so easily get stuck at a traffic light or up a hill. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly car that runs the liter, but still has a good engine power. Last but not least, it fits almost any height and drøjder. Whether you are 150 cm or over 2 meters, you can easily sit in Brian's Skoda and have full view of the road.

It's not about finding the cheapest way to license, but the safest. The small bucks you might save are not worth it if you do not learn to control your car properly and drive sensibly in traffic.

You can find the prices of Traffic Master's website here.

If you would like to see how a running time takes place, or would like to greet Brian, you can meet him in the classroom on Thursdays at. 16:00

Have you decided to take your driver's license at Brian, then sign up here.


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