Tarup-Paarup Idrætsforening - Tennis

TPI Tennis can be grown by people of all ages. Here are classes for every taste. If you love to play tennis, then TPI Tennis a lot of good deals for you. Here is the team for juniors, seniors, veterans and joggers. Are you a newcomer to tennis, so you may want to participate in the training begins. Here you will learn stroke techniques, forehand, backhand, serve and so on. You must visit TPIs website for more information about times, prices and levels.


Paarup-hallerne, Paarupvej 21, 5210 Odense NV

Contact info

Sekretær: Tlf. 66 16 51 98 - fam.skytte@mail.dk


Tarup-Paarup Idrætsforening - Tennis's website

Tarup-Paarup Idrætsforening - Tennis