Tapas Revolution

You've probably heard of Running Sushi - but what do you say to Running Tapas? You can experience this at Tapas Revolution at the address Halmtorvet 18 in Copenhagen! Here you can sit for two hours and served a lot of good tapas and eat everything you just want. At Tapas Revolution you sit around a food ribbon where the delicious tapas dishes are served directly on the table for you, so you can take just the ones you want to taste.

Running Tapas is a new concept and is the first of its kind on Zealand. This you will find 5 minutes walk from the Central Station, so whatever you live in Copenhagen, or live outside the city and want to pass here for a game of Running Tapas, it's easy to get here.

Tapas are delicious small dishes, which are both Spanish, Nordic and Mediterranean inspired, and for these are often enjoyed a glass of wine. The concept of Tapas Revolution works so that you buy Running Tapas adlibitum so you can eat all the tapas you want. The menu at Tapas Revolution is changing after the season, but mainly consists of Spanish and Nordic dishes. You can find different meats, fish and shellfish, but you can also find various vegetarian and vegan dishes, so there is something for everyone. If you have wanted to hear about the day's menu at the restaurant before you take a walk past, then you can call in to hear about the current menu.

Are you the type who likes to order your food adlibitum, so you are sure you will be satisfied, and at the same time you like a good game of tapas? Then the place Tapas Revolution is obvious to you, where you can enjoy a lot of delicious food, and here you are assured to go full and satisfied from the place.

If this sounds like something to you, book your table today! You can either call and book your table, send an email or use their online booking - there is thus plenty of opportunity to book a table if you want a round of delicious Running Tapas.

If you want an evening of delicious tapas, good wine and nice company, then Tapas Revolution is for you! Here you will be served delicious food throughout two hours, where you can enjoy both starter, main course and dessert, where you get a little taste of each on the palette. Does this sound like something to you? So reserve your table today, either by phone, mail or online, and you are guaranteed to have a good evening! Whatever you are in Copenhagen or come out of town, it's easy to get past the Tapas Revolution, so there's no excuse. Order a table today, to experience Zealand's first Running Tapas!


Halmtorvet 18, 1700 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 50 12 44 66
Mail: info@tapasrevolution.dk

Opening Hours

Søndag - Torsdag 17.00 til 22.00
Fredag - Lørdag 17.00 til 24.00