Studenterboghandelen is located at Odense University and the place where you can buy all your study books for the courses you follow each semester. Studenterboghandelen gives you of course 10% student discount on all book purchases - it's a good idea to have his student ID with. Studenterboghandelen have a large selection of fiction and nonfiction, and you will not find the book you're looking for, then you can turn to the sweet staff who will help you to book the home. You can also visit Studenterboghandelens website and search their database of books, and even order via the Internet. It is also Studenterboghandelen you must visit if you are missing a kompedium, calculator, pens, paper, or the like. for your studies.

Student Discounts

Studenterboghandelen offer 10% student discount for students at higher education institutions.


Campusvej 55
5220 Odense SØ

Contact info

Telefon: 65 50 17 00

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 09:30-17:15
Fredag: 09:30-15:00
Lørdag: Lukket


Studenterboghandelen's website