Strategic Networking & Effective Profiling (SNEP) course

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Denmark SU berettiget Business courses 2 dage Ingen
City Denmark
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Business courses
Duration 2 dage
Admission Requirements Ingen
Strategic Networking & Effective Profiling (SNEP) course

This course was originally developed for pilots who after graduation are facing a lot of pressure to get the job - but regardless of your study program, you now have the opportunity to participate. Unless you are already an Olympic champion with experience in recruitment - so you will not have seen a course like this before. The focus is to provide you with tools for mental strength that can give you the advantage in the battle to get your dream job. Besides, you learn how you present your candidacy optimally and how you can keep a cool head when the pressure gets (too) high.

The course is offered in two configurations, a specially developed for pilots and open to all other educational programs. For registration please notify the configuration you want.

Get help from people with experience

Course led by one experienced pilot, 1 experienced coach and early elite athlete and one mental coach who works with the national team and athletes in several sports.


Course is built up in the two modules. A theoretical module (day one) and a practical module (day two), where you get to practice theory. Course progressing very interactive and it is important that you are ready to relocate your limits.

How long is the course and what is included in the price?

This course runs over two intensive days 09.00- 16.00. This course is held regularly in one of Pro Pilots Consulting's facilities in the metropolitan area. The course requires a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 16 participants.

Included in the price are:
• Breakfast and lunch on day one and day two
• Meeting Location, coffee / tea / water and sweet ad libitum
• Written material that you can take home

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