Squash & Fitness

In Squash & Fitness you can play squash, go to aerobics and spinning and strength train. Squash & Fitness is located at the junction Nyborgvej / Carnarvon Street next to the big Shell tank. It is about 10 minutes by bike from Odense city center and 5 minutes by bike from the University. Squash & Fitness is the largest squash center in Denmark and one of the larger Gym and fitness centers in the city. On the ground floor there are 9 squash courts. You can easily book time to squash the reception or book online. It is also possible to participate in training and tournaments. You can rent rackets and ball. On the first floor Squash & Fitness' machinery installed. Here are machines and free weights to train all muscle groups. There are circuits department with crosstrainers, step machines and treadmills to exercise and warming. Group training: Do you want to cultivate group exercise, then Squash & Fitness, inter alia, the following offer: Spinning of various types and degrees of hardness. Aerobics classes for example. step-aerobics, MOP, body toning, "back, stomach and balance" and boxing. There are also post-natal exercise, pilates and zumba. Besides running the tit events marathon-spinning or -aerobic. It is possible to buy food and drinks.

Student Discounts

There are student discounts on various combinations of membership: Squash: 1 month. 249 kr. (Off 50 kr. Compared to normal) 1 month. PBS: 149 kr. (Off 50 kr. Compared to normal) Fitness and hold: 1 month .: 299 kr. (off 50 kr. compared to normal) 1 month. PBS: 199 kr. (off 50 kr. compared to normal) All activities 1 month .: 349 kr. (off 50 kr. compared at the standard rate) 1 month. PBS: 249 kr. (off 50 kr. compared to normal)


Ejbygade 4 - 5220 Odense SØ

Contact info

66 12 77 78 - info@squash-fitness.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag
7.00 - 22.00

7.00 - 20.00

Lørdag - søndag
8.30 - 16.00


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Squash & Fitness