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Sofie Schnoor is a Danish fashion brand, where you can buy clothes for women, accessories, shoes and clothes for children. If you are looking for fashionable clothes at great prices, then Sofie Schnoor is definitely an obvious place for you to shop the latest fashion. Sofie Schnoor is located in the various cities in both Magasin and Illum, but in addition Sofie Schnoor also has her own stores in both Odense and Copenhagen. Sofie Schnoor in Odense is located at Klaregade 8.

Sofie Schnoor is a family-owned brand founded by the owner of the same name in 2011. Sofie was driven by your own creativity, and designed only things that she either wanted to wear or which she would dress her children into. to give the brand a personal touch, based on authentic, honest and real events. The owner grew up with creative parents who worked in the fashion industry with retail, and have therefore learned to design good designs that can be sold. And this must clearly be said to have succeeded Sofie Schnoor, who has an extremely popular brand.

The brand started with a shoe collection back in 2001, after which she started with a children's collection called Petit By Sofie Schnoor in 2007 and later a clothing collection was added. The success has been huge and the brand is represented in 600 stores around the world.

At Sofie Schnoor you will find a lot of clothes for the fashionable woman. Whether you're looking for clothes for yourself or looking to buy a gift for your girlfriend or maybe your mom, there's something for everyone at Sofie Schnoor.

The committee here is huge. For example, you can buy tops, t-shirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, knitwear, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories, sportswear - in short everything that belongs to your wardrobe! Whether you are looking to renovate your entire wardrobe or simply search for a single item, you may want to check out Sofie Schnoor's stores.

The brand's style is still today, as it was at the beginning, which consists of edgy, cool and sporty chich style, and their various collections reflect the inquiry of women and children in terms of fashionable and cool clothing that should feel comfortable.

Whether you are looking for clothes for the fashionable woman, for children, a nice set of sports clothes or some good shoes, you will find this at Sofie Schnoor. The brand is definitely suitable for students as their fashionable clothing is available at reasonable prices in a beautiful design.


Klaregade 8
5000 Odense

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Telefon: 81 10 19 08

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