Writing Art School - Aarhus Literature Centre (author school)

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Writing Art School - Aarhus Literature Centre (author school)

Writing Art School is an offer for young people aged 18-30, who want to try their hand at creative writing. There are no prerequisites to participate - just a desire to work with the creative process, which is text production and textual criticism.

The emphasis is on the personal, creative development and social life. Writing Art School sees the usefulness of being able to expose themselves to criticism - to find the strength to make himself vulnerable. It is their ambition that students after the course should leave the writing art school not only as better writers but also stronger individuals.


On the Writing Art School students work on writing poetry and fiction. There are no rules on the genres you have to deal with. All are part of a constructive criticism culture where the author as well as the reader / critic taken seriously. The students presented the way for newer, Danish literature that can be put into perspective their texts and readings.

Writing Exercises constitute the main component of the teaching in the first week of the course. Then there is ample opportunity to work with a script and / or an application for one of Scandinavia's author schools or something else. It is the student is free to put the engagement there.

About once every two weeks, writes the team in a different location than Godsbanen. Both to provide some variation spatially and to gather inspiration. The team paid a visit to the Cathedral, the ARoS, Botanical Gardens, the Women's Museum and IKEA.

During the semester are invited professional writers and / or university teachers in as guest teachers. This is done for example be focused on a particular genre / style, as this author / lecturer is knowledgeable in.

The semester ends with an anthology that brings together a selection of pupils' texts.

teaching Strategies

• Writing exercises are teaching foundation. With writing exercises we produce text that we can work on.

• Sight reading and criticism relates to students' own texts and will say that you are presented with a text, not in advance have read and which you give criticism in the House. The intention is that students should learn what it means to relate directly to a text and thus sharpen the critical gaze.

• Any reading with subsequent criticism allows students to give and get a more comprehensive critique of longer texts. The emphasis is on conversation about the text and the free discussion in which we find the perspectives text has in it.

• Dr. Text allows the student spending time alone with the teacher, who pre-reading student text and provides thorough and in-depth textual criticism.

• Newer Danish literature and canonical world literature is read continuously. It's about getting to know the newer releases / writers, as well as to find reference and inspiration therein.

Read more on the website: http://www.litteraturen.nu/sks/