Forest and Landscape Engineer

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen SU berettiget Bachelors 4 year Gymnasiel University of Copenhagen
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 4 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
Forest and Landscape Engineer

If you love outdoor life and do not want to sit day after day in an office in front of a computer, take a degree in Forestry and Landscape.

Training of Forestry and Landscape is a handy built studio where you get your fingers down in the Danish soil. Bachelor part corresponds to 4 years. You get to work with nature in a professional and business-oriented way. The idea is that you as an engineer possess the technical know-how required to use natural areas, parks and forests of sensible interaction with the rest of our society.

Issues for Forest and Landscape can be to develop an efficient and sustainable use of our natural resources and environmental conservation in economic sensible framework. The content of the study is therefore a wide range of technical and social disciplines that aims to dress you well in your future challenges.

Among the subjects include economics, management, law, engineering, ecology, planning and more. You come into direct close contact with nature, as a large part of learning takes place in the so-called Forest School, located in Nødebo by Grib Forest. You get a unique opportunity to test your theoretical skills in practice just outside of class window and some exercises and projects involve direct nature.

You also have the option for an internship at one year in a business or organization that is within your professional spectrum. University of Copenhagen says that there are good opportunities to find dorm room at Forest School and the surrounding areas have fine activity opportunities that are hard to find in the big city for example. canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, and gymnastics, basketball, football and badminton in the school's gymnasium.

What is a forest and landscape? See it below.

Job Opportunities

Operational planning in municipalities and public institutions, forester, consulting engineer, consultant to the forest / construction projects.

Special admission requirements

Danish A, English C, Mathematics B (Chemistry B and Biology B).

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You can work as a gardener in the summer holidays, or at a nursery.