Shezan is an exciting Pakistani restaurant that offers traditional and delicious Pakistani cuisine and specialties. Restaurant Shezan is located in the center of Copenhagen on Viktoriagade 22 - only a stone's throw from Central Station. Parking possibilities are good and the bus stops close to the Shezan.

The menu

The menu at Shezan deadlines with authentic Pakistani cuisine prepared according to traditional recipes, so you as a guest get the best of Pakistan. When Pakistani food generally is quite spicy, so has Shezan chosen to provide any dishes with optional strength degrees - you can as a guest self-select "strength level" so that the palate can follow. Waiters at Shezan is always ready to help you with the choice of strength and dishes. Menu Choir offers blah. the following delicious dishes:
Papadam - Large crispy chips made of chickpea flour and spices
Chicken Tikka Salad - Small flambéed chicken with salad and garlic dressing
Lamb Bhuna - Lamb pieces in thick curry sauce with special spices and tomatoes
Lamb Karahi - Lam fried in Pakistani wok with tomatoes, capsician, garnished with fresh ginger and coriander
Chicken Tikka Masala - flambéed chicken curry with green pepper and tomatoes
Chicken Kashmiri - fried chicken in a mild spicy cream sauce with mango and almonds
Beef Palak - Beef with spinach and spicy sauce


Prices of Shezan is very reasonable and you can eat very well for under 200 kroner. The vast majority of main courses cost about 100 kr. And a starter cost from 19 kr. 45 kr.

The mood

The ambiance of Shezan is cozy and furnished in traditional Pakistani style. The staff is friendly and can advise on everything you want to know about the food. You must try the Pakistani cuisine for the first time, or you just love Pakistani food, the Restaurant Shezan not to get around.


Viktoriagade 22
1655 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 33 24 78 88

Opening Hours

Alle dage:
11.30 - 23.30


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