Salon Djarling consists of a team of skilled stylists / stylists who specialize in performing The Original Djarling hair extension.

The Original Djarling hair extension is detailed handwork of Salon Djarling - are woven mini thin braids along the bottom end sewn lanes of exclusive real hair. Salon Djarling complete its work to cut the new hair so that it falls naturally with your own hair. The Original Djarling hair extension has proven its success for many years, and as a quality, their system opened the possibility that in some cases may be granted public subsidies for women with particularly thin hair.

The Original Djarling hair extension has been praised by leading stylists around the world. A stylist Gianni Versace has expressed that it is the best looking hair extension they have worked with. Stylists associated with David Letterman show, which have benefited from the method has shown great admiration for the fine workmanship. The system, which is known worldwide, is also the most copied hair extension.

Djarling Hair Club

You can become a member of Djarling Hair Club after you have undergone an ordinary Djarling hair extension, with new hair to the normal price. So they organize a course of treatment over a period of 6 months, comprising between 2 and 4 repositionings of the same hair - finishing with a treatment where you get new hair and is cut more and the cycle begins again. As Hair Club member you get 10% discount on products for hairdressers.

The Spirit

Today there are many Danes who uses hårextensions and the attached hair has become a natural part of many people's everyday lives and well-being. But it has not always been. In 1988 changed Jette Djarling Level for hårextensions in Denmark. Hitherto extensions been performed at home with various welding and gluing techniques or using old African merge methods that were both visible and not very pleasant. As none of these methods was particularly suitable for fragile Scandinavian hair, decided Jette Djarling out to develop a new hårextensionsystem that was very natural, not inflicted client's own hair damage and which could be used permanently, if that was what you wanted. The solution was a system that today is known as 'The Original Djarling hair extension'. The system consists of a unique weaving system that easily hidden and not too tight on the scalp. It is carried out by handwork 100% without the use of chemicals, and is therefore very suitable for Scandinavian hair.

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