Rønshoved School

Rønshoved School

Rønshoved School is a classic, Grundtvigian Folk High School from 1921 where the various trades levels are high and gives a good taste of various higher education. You can in your subject choices to focus on one discipline, but you can not help but try other subjects. That way you experience aspects of yourself that you never knew you contained. On Rønshoved University gives you access to professionally trained counselors will help you find through training jungle.


Rønshoved School is located right at the Danish-German border on one of the most beautiful spots on the fjord road between Gråsten and Kruså. School has its own shore and jetty at the bay and is surrounded by fields and forests.

You must be prepared to enter into a rotation of duties as a serving of dinner, washing dishes after dinner and cleaning of some of the common rooms. Education, earnest, party and play - all the components in your home at Rønshoved University.

An international college

Rønshoved has many contacts abroad, and we consider ourselves as an international college. We have to School a profession where you can prepare yourself and be inspired for a longer stay abroad after school stay. We can, for example. help you with connections to the many different workcamp projects abroad.

Do not you want to travel, brings Rønshoved School world to you. A small portion of our students come from abroad, and helps to provide teaching and associating yet more shades. Foreign students come from Poland, Germany, Norway, England. They follow those of the subjects, which can easily be taught in both Danish and English. In individual subjects are taught in English only, but it is also free to choose.


On Rønshoved School we take great care of our diet plan. Kitchen manager responsible for the preparation of the food along with the kitchen's other staff. Diet Politiken based on the familiar food pyramid, and the food consists of healthy ingredients, as far as possible are organic. Variation is the key word, serving everything from local dishes to exotic meals from foreign areas.


Højskolevej 4
6340 Kruså

Contact info

Telefon: 74 60 83 18
E-mail: info@ronshoved.dk



Art, Film and Music

Outdoor recreation

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Rønshoved School
Rønshoved School
Rønshoved School
Rønshoved School