Restaurant Møntergade

While in Copenhagen experimenting with both gourmet and street food, sometimes you also have to stick to the classic. They have figured that out at Restaurant Møntergade, which opened in June 2020 after a period in which many restaurants have had a hard time due to the corona crisis. But despite the hard time, the restaurant has been gaining ground since opening due to their popular lunch dishes and sandwiches, available at Old Mint 41 in Inner City.

Simon Olesen, Rasmus Amdi Larsen and Karina Pedersen are the driving forces behind the restaurant. The three names may sound familiar. It is the team behind Restaurant Palægade, which unfortunately burned down in March 2020. Palægade was perhaps Copenhagen's most popular lunch restaurant, so for many Copenhageners it was a very sad news that you could not get a good lunch with inspiration from the Danish and French cuisine.

Therefore, it is probably not an exaggeration to say that the three people behind were delighted to be able to serve good food to their guests again. Although the three have had to get used to new surroundings, they promise that the quality will not go out and the taste remains as it should be.

In the month following the opening, the restaurant already received numerous good reviews, so there is something to suggest that the concept works. The restaurant is located in the red half-timbered house on the corner of Møntergade, so in addition to serving delicious food, it is also done in charming surroundings. The house dates from the year 1734, so it is not just an ordinary restaurant, but in fact a historic place.

Restaurant Møntergade is a lunch restaurant, so unfortunately it is not here to have your dinner. But the menu is no less exciting for that reason. There is sandwiches for everyone, whether you are fond of fish or meat.

One of their most popular lunch dishes is their tatar sandwiches. Just imagine biting into the salted tatar with raw pickled raspberries and crispy rye bread crumbs. Or what about the classic cold smoked salmon on buttered toasted bread with poached egg and creamy spinach? Whatever you are for, you can rest assured that their dishes will make your teeth run in water.

You would also have to be a snare if you didn't have to try one of their herring foods, whether it is smoked herring and spice herring.

If you have come for the big lunch, then you have to take part in the big lunch table. Here you get 6 different kinds of sandwiches with either herring, fish or meat, which are rounded off with a tasty dessert. The restaurant is a very convenient place to go if you want to have lunch with your family or girlfriend. Both the atmosphere and the food are top notch.

The interaction between classic Danish cuisine and innovative craftsmanship is what makes Restaurant Møntergade a great place to have lunch. Through their food, the team behind the restaurant expresses an experience and skill that you cannot meet anywhere in the city. When they have had so much success with their former restaurant, you also know that there is thought behind every lunch and dessert. So nothing is done half-heartedly when it comes to the restaurant on Møntergade.

Are you one of the guests who have long missed being able to go to Palægade for a good lunch, or do you just love good old fashioned sandwiches? Then a visit to Restaurant Møntergade is worth all the money. The price range is fair as you get food that is made from fresh ingredients and is of high, high quality. So if you want the best sandwiches in town, it's on Møntergade you have to go.


Gammel Mønt 41
1117 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 33 33 06 10

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11:30-17:00