Restaurant Stove

What do you think of when you hear the word stove? If you think of good home-cooked food, a sizzling heat and scents in all directions, then you know what the atmosphere at Restaurant Komfur on Guldsmedgade 38-40 is like. Here you go to great lengths in the good culinary craftsmanship, and at this restaurant you get food without any frills.

The restaurant is located in the always atmospheric Latin Quarter. Here it is always cozy with associations to southern Europe, so once you have eaten at the restaurant, it is clearly worth looking around for the small, lively shops in the area.

The restaurant itself is extremely nice. These are not the largest rooms, so you sit a little close and intimate, which actually makes the experience a little better. In the glass facades, there is wine in a row, as if you were at a small restaurant in Paris. In the ceiling hang several copper pots and pans, which helps to make the decor a little more special. Here is an informal atmosphere where you feel right at home.

On the menu at Restaurant Komfur you will find very different. The concept of "a certain number of dishes at a certain price" is kept. So e.g. you get 3 dishes for DKK 350. It may sound like a lot to a poor student, but it is a pretty good price for the quality you get. So even though you may not be able to eat here every day, it's a great place to go if you need to celebrate a birthday or just want to make a little extra out of the evening. At least you can be sure that you do not go home hungry.

The menu changes from season to season, so the restaurant always adapts to the season and its ingredients. However, there will always be 5 starters, 5 main courses, cheeses and 2 desserts. Some of what they can come up with to serve may be their fried foie gras or spicy fried veal, the latter being extremely popular.

For the main course, you can get long-fried lamb culotte, whole-roasted veal roast or their Beef Bearnaise, which is a sure winner on the menu. For the vegetarian, there is the possibility that their whole-fried chicken breast can be made without meat.

Then there is the option of choosing cheese, dessert or both. They run with that you can choose 3 kinds of cheeses and for dessert you can get either vanilla fromage or chocolate fondant. Some delicious dishes to round off the evening.

They also hold various events where one can get great deals. It can e.g. be Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter specials or summer specials where you can get good food at a favorable price. Read more on their Facebook page to find out what offers they are running with.

If you are going down with friends and celebrating a graduation, birthday or the like, you can buy what is called party packages. It can e.g. be the package where you start with a glass of the house aperitif, then 3 course menu and wine menu. It's a super cool way to celebrate an event in a cozy setting.

If you want to enjoy some good food in cozy rooms without it becoming too formal, then you should go to Restaurant Komfur. Here you serve gourmet food without it becoming too pretentious. You will no doubt have a good experience for the taste buds and at a price that does not blow your wallet.


Guldsmedgade 38-40
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefonnummer: 86 12 33 90

Opening Hours

Mandag - søndag: 17.00 - 24.00