Restaurant Koch

Restaurant Koch

Koch is a Private Dining & Gourmet Restaurant, which gives you a gourmet experience beyond the usual. As you step into Restaurant Koch's doors, you can be sure that you are going to be spoiled. Koch is beautifully located at the harbor in Aarhus.

Personality and taste are the keywords of Restaurant Koch. Gastronomy is not about the flow of time but about high quality food. The good hostess, the charm of detail and a good craftsmanship: these are the things that Koch's heart knocks for delivering. You can always feel welcome at Restaurant Koch, which will ensure that you get a gastronomic experience of the highest quality. You can least expect the best of what they can perform and be sure that they meet your expectations. Koch is a distinguished restaurant. Aarhus local newspaper describes the restaurant as "one of the great tours in the kingdom of heaven", which is a Michelin star value. Koch is very popular and is often described as one of Aarhus', perhaps even Jutland's best restaurants. Their dishes are a pure visual delight to the eye and the perfect storage for Instagram.

Even Brothers Koch describes himself as far from fine on it. Some may think they are jarred, but really they are just straightforward and have a huge pride about what they are doing. They see food as something that gathers people and gets their smile forward. Food must saturate and want to get it again. Presence and heartiness around the table is the key to a good meal. The most important thing for the brothers is to cook a good plate of food that gives you a taste experience. The spice ring is particularly central here. Tastors are taken from all shelves, and the food's inspiration comes across kitchens and borders. The brothers believe that life "is too short for dishes without" edge "and spice."


Pakkerivej 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

Contact info

Tlf.: 86 18 64 00

Opening Hours

Torsdag – Lørdag: 18.00 – 24.00


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Restaurant Koch
Restaurant Koch