Restaurant freedom

When you feel that the hunger is pushing while in Tivoli Friheden, take a dirt past Restaurant Friheden, located near Tivoli VanDvittig. From Restaurant Friheden you can look beyond the beautifully located tivoli islands with the nice swan boats. You enter the Red Baron on the woods edge. During the time when Tivoli Friheden is open, you will be able to find entrance and exit to the restaurant at the main entrance of Tivoli Freedom.

Make your trip to Tivoli Friheten complete with a wonderful taste experience. The good food can be enjoyed while you and your family / friends enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You'll have time to sit down, relax, enjoy the good atmosphere and get a little away from Tivoli's hustle and bustle. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people, and its rooms are divided with views of the lake and the amusements, to give the customers the best view.
The restaurant is open to companies and not least the la carte in the Tivoli Freedom season. Restaurant Friheden has for companies of at least 20 people open out of season.
Should you hold an event, Restaurant Friheden can be contacted. Here you can get an offer at the event. They would like to help with the composition of the menu. Freedom's kitchen ranges from light treats, ie serving food and beverages, to great gala dinners. Of course, the served food is based on your ambitions and wishes. Focusing on the taste of the season, the kitchen creates food for companies and events in and out of the house all year round. Since Restaurant Friheden is a family buffet and a steakhouse you will be able to buy delicacies in the form of salmon, different roast, grandmother's fries, sauce and potatoes, as well as delicious desserts like French chocolate cake, softice and cheesecake. Here you can taste the Friheden!


Skovbrynet 5, 8000 Århus C

Contact info

Tlf.: 86 14 77 34

Opening Hours

Åbningstider efter Tivoli Frihedens sæson.

For større selskaber på mindst 20 personer, kan Restaurant Friheden godt holde åbent uden for sæsonen.


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