Restaurant A

When you need to find the best restaurant in Aarhus stream, then go for the scent and you will find out.

Danish and French traditions meet here, which also fits really well on the name, which depicts the well-known "and" characters that are pronounced in French.

The restaurant is wrapped in a tasteful universe. At Restaurant ET, the hearts of the employees make for good service, quality and experiences. The name of the restaurant "et" is pronounced in French, meaning "and". The restaurant logo is made up of "&", which is also a sign meaning "and". The restaurant's Danish-French twist is therefore well-infiltrated, emphasizing the meeting between the two food cultures.

At Restaurant Et you can experience a restaurant in exclusive bistro / brasserie style. The French cuisine has a large selection of fine French wines, and of course the restaurant has brought it from France. You can therefore find the delicious wines in the restaurant as well as the wine bar in the basement. The restaurant has covered the very big Tour de Force in classic gastronomy, with the restaurant's own personal twist. The restaurant tries to entice you with new interpretations of Danish and French food dams, and the classic traditional French cuisine. Whatever appeals to you, there is something for everyone in their menu. You are always welcome to come by and taste the restaurant's temptations and maybe throw yourself over one of the delicious menus on the dinner card. Restaurant ET is also open for lunch, so they need a good bite to eat, so take a dirt.

However, the restaurant is more than "à la carte, good wine and bistro atmosphere. The restaurant hosts various events and you can become part of their events and have a good experience.


Åboulevarden 7
8000 Århus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 13 88 00

Opening Hours

Mandag – lørdag
Fra 12.00 - 15.00 & 17.30 - 22.00


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