Restaurant Ankara

Restaurant Ankara

Delicious Turkish food and cheap beer at Restaurant Ankara on crystal street 8th

There can be both eaten freely by the delicious buffet or you can order a la carte.

In the buffet there is always the shoulder of lamb, Turkish meatballs (Köfte), Chicken, Cacik, Squid Rings, different salad, rice, bulgur etc.

Try any. Turkish beer Efes Pilsner to the buffet if you want to try some new.
The buffet costs:

59, - for lunch kl.11-16, and 89 - the evening kl.16-23.

Ad libitum - All Days
Dinner middle of the City with huge buffet, free bar - Beer / Wine and water for 2 hours 199, - kr.


Few are aware that Turkish cuisine is one of the three parent kitchens. What the French cuisine is Western Europe, China for the Far East, the Turkish mother kitchen for the Near East.

This fact has its historical reasons. The Ottoman Empire, whose capital city was Constantinople, now called Istanbul, stretched for many years from the Austrian border in the north of the Arabian Peninsula to North Africa in the south. Sultans in Constantinople was not kostforagtere; they chose the best from all the conquered country kitchens. Therefore, you will often hear that this or that right is Turkish, but Greek or Arabic, but overall they constitute the Turkish kitchen.

Because Turkey is such a big country, you should be aware that the raw materials vary widely from region to region, but to-preparation methods are essentially the same.

Student Discounts

- Important: Remember to show your student card when booking and not when you beg bill when it is too late for the waiter to give rebate


Krystalgade 8-10
1172 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 33 15 19 15

Opening Hours

Mandag - Lørdag: 11.00 -  24.00

Søndag og helligdage: 13.00 -  24.00

Køkkenet lukker kl. 23.00 alle dage og a la carte kl. 22.00.


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Restaurant Ankara
Restaurant Ankara
Restaurant Ankara
Restaurant Ankara