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race Hall

At Racehall in Viby you can get close to the classic Le Mans atmosphere, where you and your friends, colleagues, etc.. can compete in the Grand Prix, Formula 1 and more. Race Hall has partnered with a variety of local businesses, all of which want a make your visit extra special.

You can include dining at The Diner, which serves classic American Diner food in authentic atmosphere of the '60s. You can also try ski arena, where you can ski and snowboards and of course goes in-depth instruction.

The big hit is go-kart track which, with its over 1000 meters in length and 13 meters in width is Europe's largest indoor go-kart track, and that means that there may be up to 34 cars on the track at the same time - and there will still be ample opportunity to overtake as a professional would have done it!

The course has no less than 14 turns, all of which require her to get through. The track is not harder than novices can participate, and not easier than practicing will be challenged. With a long side of 100 meters you will undoubtedly experience the adrenaline when you hurtles past your cheering friends. The asphalt at Racehall is custom designed and therefore contains 20% more rubber. This means that the car is even better on the road, and you can give it more gas!

The runway system is developed in Germany and is extremely flexible. The system is a form of Lego bricks which means that you would frame an edge will pitch surrender, so you do not get hurt. The material is also made of recycled plastic.

A walk in the Race Hall will no doubt be an experience for all involved, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The track and the premises are so large that a whole group can easily be off at once without that you have to stand and wait or bored. As mentioned there are also many other opportunities for entertainment, so all in all Studenterguiden.dk strongly recommend you (and your friends) a visit to Race Hall - begs to study parties, intro weeks or terminations and birthday!

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Student Discounts

From at 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Wednesday get 20% student discount.


Hasselager Centervej 30
8260 Viby J - Århus

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Telefon: 8628 0170
E-mail: info@racehall.com

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Alle dage fra 10:00-20:00


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