police training

City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses Ingen Gymnastics and Sports Academy
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Gymnastics and Sports Academy
police training

Would you like to be a policeman? Or are you a little unsure and may well just test a few things or two? Here is the opportunity to get on a preparatory course so you know what you are getting into. You get 18 weeks full speed on strength and fitness, competent instruction in Danish, mathematics and social studies and internship at Viborg Police.
Then you are well prepared to apply for the police academy!

Along the way you will meet former students from Gymnastics and Sports School, which is in the process of or have completed police training.

The police need people with initiative and profits. Much of what being a cop is in the personality, where it is important to be patient and mentally stable, as is often exposed to some unpleasant people. The qualifications you get stimulated during school stay.

The course runs parallel with the school's other long courses. This means that you are with the other students in some of the sports industry and other subjects. You will also participate in the trip to Norway, which will take place in week 11 (spring) and 38 (autumn).

When you finish the preparation course you have the opportunity to continue in regular high school courses ending June and December.

Job Opportunities

Qualification for training as a policeman.