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"To be harmonious people must we give ourselves permission to accommodate all our facets. As long as we promote or stuck in one pole we recognize not the whole. "

Polaritetsmassage, step 2 of healing massage
Perhaps you feel that you must always be strong and do everything themselves; may suppress your vulnerable and sensitive sites; maybe you're good to feel your feelings and show your vulnerability, but lack the courage to act. Imbalance and inner conflicts inevitably leads to stress and frustration. Tension or chronic diseases in the body, can do that we give up or become burned out. To become whole human beings we must give ourselves permission to hold all the contradictions at once: both the masculine and feminine qualities. The masculine energy include outgoing, logical, aggressive, initiating, active and rewarding. The feminine energy include inward-seeking, intuitive, passive and receiving with the ability to accommodate.

Massage Technique
Polaritetsmassage is a simple and powerful massage technique. We use the flow of life energy that flows through our hands, to create balance in the energy system of the recipient. Polaritetsmassage creates a deep healing relaxation harmonizing the energy in the receiver. Physically and mentally, all points of the recipient cooperation as a whole. In order to achieve physical and mental well-being and profits, one must, in addition polaritetsmassage, often work more therapeutic. The beliefs we have got through adolescence on what is "true " and "false ", affects our self-perception and attitude to what is in order to express and what we need to suppress. When we can accommodate and make peace with all parts of ourselves, our vitality and inner wisdom, support and guide us to greater depth, perspective and quality of life.

The course
You learn to balance the energy system of the body. In order to sense, connect and restore a natural balance between the body and the psyche different parts, we are working with guided visualization and meditative exercises.

basic course in healing massage.