Pho C & P

Pho C & P is a Vietnamese restaurant, based on the Vietnamese street kitchen. These are the best traditional dishes from all over the country, which have been carefully selected to give the same warmth and joy, here in the cold north, as is the case in Vietnam. The Vietnamese street kitchens are an important part of the culture of Vietnam. It is a place where you meet at all times of the day and get fast but delicious food and chill out with friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere. It's a permanent part of Vietnamese everyday life, and the tradition wants the owners to indulge you and all the other guests in.

At Pho C & P there are a lot of different dishes, from different street kitchens around all of Vietnam, to choose from, which of course have the original Vietnamese names. These dishes are Gỏi cuốn (side dishes) which are Vietnamese spring rolls with different contents. Pho (main courses), which is a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup with different vegetables and meat. Bun (main courses), it is made of rice flour and eaten with meat and vegetables. Banh Hoi (main courses), there are rice noodles in bundles of meat and vegetables as accessories. My Quang (main courses), which are special yellow noodles with meat and vegetables as accessories. Banh my (sandwich), sandwiches with meat and herbs. It is possible to enjoy the delicious dishes in the small cozy rooms, decorated according to Vietnamese tradition. In addition, Vietnamese music is played to make the mood even more authentic. There are both seats outside, until when the weather allows it and inside.

If you should be so unfortunate that there is no table or you just want a home evening, do not worry. It is also possible to get the tasty Vietnamese dishes as a take-away, so you can enjoy the food in your own living room if that's what you want. To secure a table you can book one in advance,

So, if you're fond of food from other cultures, fresh produce and a lot of vegetables, meat and noodles, Pho C & P is the place for you. Take your friends under your arm and enter the restaurant to experience the authentic atmosphere and set your teeth in classic Vietnamese dishes.


Sønder Allé 14, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Tlf.: 86 16 16 42

Opening Hours

Mandag-torsdag: 12.00 - 20.30
Fredag-lørdag:    12.00 - 21.30
Søndag:             12.00 - 20.30

Køkkenet lukker 30min før restauranten


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