Looking for a place in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Copenhagen Airport where you can have a delicious and Hawaiian inspired Poke Bowl? Then you will find it at the poke bar OliOli, which is located at the address Østerbrogade 43 at Østerbro, among others. OliOli means joy in Hawaiian, and you will definitely experience this joy when you choose to visit one of their restaurants.

If you do not know about poke bowls, it is, in short, “sushi in a bowl”, where a traditional game of sushi is transformed into a form of salad in a bowl. Here you have the opportunity to mix according to your own creativity and taste preferences. The concept originated in Hawaii and here you get a healthy and colorful food in a bowl. When you choose to order a Poke Bowl, you get a delicious and nutritious meal that consists of everything your body needs, including proteins, carbohydrates and various vitamins. Such a Poke Bowl is structured differently according to your taste preferences, but typically you will find rice, meat, vegetables, fruit and a dressing.

You have probably come across them if you sometimes scroll through various Instagram bloggers feed, as the popular and colorful poke bowl has become extremely popular both internationally but also here in Denmark. If you want to see more delicious pictures of these Poke Bowls, you can follow along on OliOli's Instagram page, where they regularly share photos of their delicious creations. You can find OliOlis Instagram here .

OliOli describes itself as being authentic joy and new energy for modern man. Their concept combines the original serving of Poke Bowls from Hawaii with ingredients and flavors from Asia, and this combination ensures an absolutely great taste experience. At OliOli they have an open kitchen, so you have the opportunity to see how your food is made while it is being cooked. This helps bring food, guests and staff close together, creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that you will certainly experience when you step into one of OliOli's restaurants. The experience at OliOli should help create joy, and no matter what mood you are in, OliOli makes sure you leave their restaurants with a smile on your face.

The menu is compiled based on taste, texture, nutrition, color, stylistic and practical studies, so the details are definitely controlled and you are sure to get the most delicious bowl in terms of taste, appearance and nutritional content. At OliOli, their brand is a mix of simple and harmonious atmosphere with a modern fresh attitude, which can be experienced in their restaurants.

On their menu you will find at this time 6 different "standards" Poke Bowls, which are composed according to the above principles. For example, you can get a "salmon poke" which contains salmon, white rice, goma dressing, edamame, radish, broccoli, pineapple and avocado. If you fancy duck, shrimp, tofu, beef or tuna, Poke Bowls is also available. If you want to combine your own poke bowls with other flavor combinations, you also have the option of “build your own” on OliOli's menu card. Here you choose base, main, sauce, vegetables, premium and toppings, so you have ample opportunity to put it together according to your own wishes.

If this sounds like something to you, then you should definitely check out one of OliOli's delicious restaurants. If you would rather eat the food at home, you also have the option of taking the food home as OliOli offers takeaway.


Østerbrogade 43, 2100 København

Contact info

Telefon: 33 21 01 21
E-mail: info@oliolipoke.com

Opening Hours

Mandag - søndag: 11.00 - 21.00