Østre Boldklub

Østre Boldklub in Odense is a ball club in Odense. Here you have the opportunity to sign up if you want to play football in a good community in a club. The club is also called ØB and started back in 1930 and therefore has many years on the back. The club is a member of the local union DBUFYN.

If you want to read more about Østre Boldklub you can check out their Facebook. At the time of writing, the club has 4.8 stars out of 5 possible, which clearly tells you how satisfied the club members are with the club.

The club is located on Arkonavej and there is room for everyone. The club invites you to take a look and they always have coffee on the pitcher.


Akonavej 10
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Email: oestreboldklub@gmail.com


Østre Boldklub's website