Odense Salsa Association

Odense Salsa Association (OSaF) is for anyone who dances salsa or want to learn it. OSaF organizes weekly training sessions, courses, workshops, parties, concerts and other activities related to salsa and latin america. As a member of OSaF you get a discount on participation in the Salsa Festival in Sonderborg and discounted tickets for concerts organized by International House, Odense. OSaF regularly organizes member parties and workshops to which the association provides a financial grant. You also get discount on courses offered in Odense Salsa Association, like your membership offers discounts on courses and workshops in other salsa associations in Denmark Odense Salsa Association cooperates. Membership Odense Salsa Association in 2008, costs 150 kroner. Your quota will apply from 1 February 2008 until and including 31 January 2009.


Undervisningen foregår, afhængigt af det hold du delatger på, på 2 adresser: Badstuen og Internationalt Hus

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