Odense Vocational School

Odense Vocational School

Odense Vocational School is the oldest handicraft school, founded in 1910 by one of the contemporary entrepreneurs Nathalie Hansen.

Odense Vocational School holds today in the city center in Odense's old Glassworks on Ørstedsgade 28. Here you meet lovely bright rooms with high ceilings.

Odense Vocational School is intended primarily for students with abilities and ambitions within the creative disciplines and has always been known and respected for their high professionalism.

Over the years, Odense Vocational School thus evolved to be a school where people work with the latest trends in animation, clothing, art, author, and industrial design.

The school is what is called a free vocational school and offers a host of programs for the creative student, initially opt in one of the most creative lines in the form of; Animation, clothing, art, author, or industrial design. After this is done you get the opportunity to take it in the context of a creative 10. Class, one Design HF or children, school is a pastime for the imaginative.

The students are in the creative line three days a week, and the artistic and cultural skills or 10th class two days a week. This gives the student time to immersion in the individual subjects, as well as insight into new and different teaching methods developed by the teacher.

Design-HF is a relatively new initiative where school in collaboration with HF & VUC Odense offers a new way to take a high school diploma on; each student will have a full HF-examination, combined with a half years of creative courses. Thus, the students get real artistic and creative skills, which can be used to search for admission to higher education.

10th grade at Odense Vocational School is offered to young people who have completed their primary education. Fagskolens 10th class can equip you with creative skills, and help you on your way to your future choices. Here are therefore three weekdays on the self-selected line and two weekdays in 10th grade subjects Danish, mathematics and English. The school's approach to subjects based on immersion and a combination of theoretical, practical and creative teaching.

Furthermore offered Children School of Glassworks, there is a vibrant, creative school for children and young people between 7 and 16 years in which the student will have the opportunity to develop through creative processes in visual arts, animation, game design, clothing, forfatteri and drawing.

Finally Odense Vocational School, as something unique, a boarding school that allows individuals for a total experience for the young creative students who want a complete experience. Thus, given the individual a good and creative development and learning, although it is day student, boarder, young or old, artist or tailor.


Ørstedsgade 28
5000 Odense C.

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Telefon: 66 12 21 45

Mail: ofag@ofag.dk


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Odense Vocational School
Odense Vocational School