neuromuscular therapy

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neuromuscular therapy

Many athletes often get some damage that creates problems in the body that can be difficult to treat with a form of therapy alone. Here neuromuscular therapy may be an effective treatment option.

Treatment is specially developed and combined reflexology, acupressure and muscle manipulation. One of the pioneers of reflexology, Ove Bonnesen, has developed this form of treatment, and in cooperation with the University Hospital conducted tests on patients with asthma in the 1990s.

It is a very quick and effective therapy that you can feel the effects after just a single treatment. Patients with whiplash can get insurance to cover the costs for treatments of this type. The treatment is also known as Laudrup's secret weapon when he used Søren Malling to treat damage to Swansea football team.

Whether there is a sprain, backache, or a mouse arm, then this treatment effective and has helped many to a better quality of life. The course gives you 24 RAB points and only takes 4 days to learn.

Register for the course here and get a tool you can use in everyday life or your clients with good effect.

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