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Are you as crazy about chocolate as we are? We understand that well! There is nothing like the taste of good, quality chocolate made with love, and this is something Mortens Chocolate can find out. You can find this glory in the heart of Odense, specifically on Kongensgade 45, and in the store you can feel that it exudes a pleasant atmosphere and unique flavors. Because at Mortens Chokolade in Odense and their chocolate workshop they are very much in favor of the space for the classic chocolates, but also to a large extent new and innovative flavors. If you are looking for shops in Odense city, you may also want to visit Mortens Chokolade.

At Mortens Chokolade, their philosophy is that chocolate tastes the best when it is completely fresh, which is why their chocolate is produced as it is sold. This therefore ensures the best taste experience for you. In addition, the idea behind Mortens Chocolate was to work with good quality ingredients to create the unique taste experience. They are therefore very much into the fact that the chocolate must be homemade, fresh and of the best quality, and this makes the taste in each piece of chocolate completely unique. And who doesn't love that chocolate is handmade?

Another thing that makes Mortens Chocolate unique is that they really love their craft, where their ultimate ambition is to create new flavors for you as a customer and chocolate lover. In order to constantly be ahead and create new innovative flavors, three to four times a year new chocolate collections are published, where the flavors match the season or the season of the collection. We highly recommend you take a look at the store's website to get an insight into what the range offers right now! Who knows, maybe this is where your next favorite chocolate is stored?

In addition to being able to walk off the street and buy a piece of chocolate when the little hunger comes along, they also do a lot in corporate gifts. Mortens Chokolader offers two corporate gifts for young and old, and you can be customized to the solution according to the company's own wishes, which is why it becomes more personal. Maybe this type of gift is something for you and your workplace? Anyway, stuffed chocolates from Mortens Chokolade are a really good gift idea.

At Mortens Chokolade there are also courses and events where you can, for example, learn how to make your own cream balls or temper chocolate. You can join them on their chocolate course basis, where Chocolate Maker Morten Aagaard will guide you through the whole tempering process and why it is so important for the chocolate to be good. You will be allowed to try it yourself, and along the way you can taste various chocolates along with a cup of tea or coffee. This course lasts 3.5 hours and costs £ 350, and can serve as the perfect gift idea for the biggest chocolate lover. There are also courses that focus on tempering chocolate on marble slabs, or you can also book Morten Aagaard for a private event. If you are curious to hear more about your options, you are always welcome in the shop in the heart of Odense.

If you love chocolate, then there is no doubt that Mortens Chocolate in Odense will be worth a visit. There is also a good chance that your mouth will start to run in the water when you visit the store - especially if you love chocolate! At Mortens Chocolate there is a large selection of chocolates to choose from - at reasonable prices. You can also sign up for different courses or events if you love to make chocolate yourself. All in all, there is thus the possibility that you at Morten Chokolade can treat yourself with a little sweet to the palate, but also your nearest. Chocolates from Mortens Chocolates are of high quality and are therefore obvious if there is room for some extra pampering.


Kongensgade 45, st. th., 5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 28 30 24 35

Opening Hours

Mandag: lukket
Tirsdag - fredag: 13.00 - 18.00
Lørdag: 10.00 - 15.00


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