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If you are looking for a place with a delicious brunch, where you can get good coffee and food made from fresh ingredients, you must make your way past Møller Kaffe & Kitchen on Nørrebro. Here you can enjoy a brunch without stress with your fellow students or girlfriend. The bustle of Nørrebrogade is quickly forgotten when you can take a breather at the café. Whether you need to move on quickly or sit down with a cup of coffee, there is room for you.   

Møller Coffee & Kitchen is a cozy place on the otherwise busy Nørrebro. The café runs on the concept of 'social dining', which has become popular in recent years. Here you order several different dishes so that you can share and taste a little of each on the menu. They also have vegetarian and vegan options, so both the vegetarian and the meat lover can enjoy a good brunch.  

The menu is very versatile, and although you can still get scrambled eggs and bacon for brunch, there is the opportunity to taste the salmon tatar, their homemade Nutella or the popular waffle with jam and vanilla cream. There is nothing better than going down with your friends on a slow Sunday morning and eating together, so Møller Kaffe & Kitchen is perfect for a sharing-friendly brunch.  

  If you want to go out and experience the Copenhagen nightlife, the bar is a good place to start. They have exciting cocktails if you want to try something new. They are available in pitchers for DKK 295, so you can all taste. If you are more into draft beer, they have both IPA and golden pale ale.  

Møller Kaffe & Kitchen in Copenhagen is a nice place to take your mind away from student stress and rush. Because you can share the dishes, it's also a great way to save some money. It can be busy, so if you want to book a table at Møller Kaffe & Kitchen, you can do it directly here   or via the booking phone 31 15 92 80. However, if everything is booked, you may still be able to get a table, so give them a call anyway.  


Nørrebrogade 160
2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 31 15 92 80

Opening Hours

Hver dag: 09.00 - 16.00 

Tirsdag - torsdag: 17.00 - 22.00 
Fredag - lørdag: 17.00 – 23.00