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City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen Ingen SU eller løn Courses on specific subjects, Professional Courses 8 uger Ingen Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Courses on specific subjects, Professional Courses
Duration 8 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy
Makeup artist - Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy

Would you like to start your career as a makeup artist and hårartist? - Then you need to learn from the best! See more here.
In only 8 weeks you on Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy, learn all the necessary, unique methods and techniques you need to start your new dream career. Nicci Welsh myself have 20 years of experience with professional makeup and hair styling. Her techniques are recognized all over the world and she is much in demand in the beauty industry. Whether you dream of working in fashion, beauty, advertising, music, bridal makeup, TV, editorials, fashion shows, commercials or music videos or other things, then your education at Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy dress well on!

The program is aimed at those who want to work professionally with makeup and hair. The direction you decide - techniques, guidance and inspiration to achieve your goals, we provide you. Want to follow in Nicci's footsteps and, like so many of our former students achieve amazing results and career aspirations then sign to education at Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy as professional makeup and hair artist.

When you participate in training you receive, besides teaching Nicci and her team consisting of some of the very best professional hair and makeup artists, also a FREE starter kit with a value of 8,000 kr., Containing products including MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Bumble and bumble and a Pro makeup brush sets from Nicci Welsh. As something special for our students, we also offer special discounts on MAC and Bobbi Brown products plus a range of other brands and brands.

8-week program includes among others .:

- Skin preparation and hygiene
- Foundation, color corrector and concealer
- Contour, shading and highlighting
- Powder, bronzer and blusher
- Eyebrows, eye shadow and eyelashes
- "Smokey eyes", beauty looks and high fashion
- Blending
- Lips - color application and choices, gloss and pencils
- Airbrushing / HD makeup for HD TV and video
- Celebrity makeup
- Fashion Shows
- Editorial, fashion and cover recordings
- Music Videos
- HD media, TV and commercials
- Makeup and grooming for men
- Weddings

- Editorial hair
- Red Carpet Hair
- Fashion hair
- Nicci's international hair techniques
- New trends
- Bryllupshår
- Nicci teach backstage over the world, and is firmly hairstylist during New York Fashion Week. All hair techniques are based on Nicci's experience and international standards.

During the very intense course of 8 weeks you gain a thorough knowledge of the specific techniques that Nicci has been recognized for. Regardless of your choice of career after graduation, you will undoubtedly need to show just your skills with these techniques when you subsequently need to work with different people in the industry. In addition, you are offered career assistance in relation to starting a new business. Here we will as a courtesy to introduce you to accounting, billing, marketing, etc.

Further all pupils sit a professional editorial shoot with Nicci itself and a professional photographer. This way you also get a glimpse of how Nicci work, which is extremely instructive.

When you work as a hair and makeup artist is always important to maintain a relationship with the customer so you are sure that it is precisely you who are booked again. Some may even use you as a private makeup artist then, and continue to book you. So many of our former students can tell amazing stories about the jobs they've got and opportunities that have been created through the training with Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy.

Exhibits include this statement:

"I have dreamed of being a makeup artist since I was 14 years old - that is, 18 & aring; r, so it is in all ways a dream come true. I was a little nervous at the start of school, but the nervousness has been proved wrong. I felt welcome from day one. It is really nice that the tone among teachers and students is cozy, informal and humorous. It provides a safe and motivating learning environment. I have enjoyed every single day where I patiently stood and shared out of Your knowledge, technical skills and creativity, so I could get better and better. I even feel that I have moved me very much during these 8 weeks. I've learned to use my eyes and hands in a whole new way, and I am learning how to think "fashion"

It is no secret that work should be the case, but it is done, then it is for sure that the school is with you and support you all the way. We have been allowed to work very independently, and it's been really nice - because I grew with the job, and I have felt that the school has / have had great confidence in my abilities. It has also been super cool to be out for various events and experience industry. Teaching has been a perfect alternation between demos and hands-on. I am even thinking visually, so why is this teaching in the closet for me.

In addition to getting married and having children, this education was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I have no doubt that I have a solid foundation, and that I have learned from the best, the Nordic region has to offer. "

Liza Maria Sandroff - 8 weeks of training

Read more testimonials and references here.

After graduating from Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy, you are well equipped to begin your career as a makeup artist - no matter which direction you want to take. So if you want to look inside the exciting beauty world, start a new business, working in the salon, shop or perhaps be part of a team in one of the major cosmetics companies - then Nicci Welsh Makeup Academy undoubtedly your guarantee of the best assumptions.

The entire course costs 45,000 kr. Incl. VAT, and includes your starter kit with a value of 8,000 kr., As well as exclusive discounts for MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown and others.

We start new teams following dates:

- August 1, 2016
- October 3, 2016

- January 9, 2017
- March 6, 2017

For dates for the rest of 2017: See website.

Job Opportunities

Professional makeup artist and hair stylist, job in the salon, business, higher electricity. less beauty related companies mm.

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