AP Moller - Maersk is probably Denmark's most respected business and one of the few Danish companies that really have something to say globally. AP Moller - Maersk has over 110,000 employees worldwide and is engaged in the business Shipping & offshore, energy, retail, container ships, etc.

Besides getting a coveted position at AP Moller - Maersk is also possible to train in-house. AP Moller - Maersk has numerous training programs to provide access to some of the most attractive jobs at AP Moller - Maersk, but is also surrounded by betydlig respect from many other companies worldwide.

Ship's officer:
Ship's officer training takes between 4 and 5½ years, depending on educational choices. It alternates between theory at school and practice our vessels. As officer can choose to specialize in mechanical or navigational line or train you on both lines and work with both qualifications.

As officer get a varied life. This requires your flexibility. You will among other things be open to other cultures, when you meet many nationalities, both on the ship and in the countries you are visiting. You must also be prepared to get a lot of responsibility early on, be punctual and show initiative and situational awareness. As an officer sail typically 5-11 weeks and the same length liberty following: it means to you about half a year off per year - with pay. The ship's officer training you will get an education that gives access not only to sail as an officer, but also to other career opportunities in the maritime sector.

To ship officer you as background have a secondary education (STX, HHX, HF, HTX or apprenticeship + access course).

Start: January and August.
Contact: Kim Balsløv Jørgensen

Application to ship officer:
Received all year round and start two teams per year, respectively. January and August.

Application can be made online at


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Telefon: 3398 7005


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