The tavern's inn

Are you looking for an eatery in Copenhagen Northwest? Then you may need to take a walk past the Lighthouse Inn. Lygtens Kro is located on Lygten 29, where you can get tasty German-inspired food in a cozy setting.

At Lygtens Kro the focus is on comfort. Here you can enjoy both lunch and dinner in pleasant surroundings and with good service. You can enjoy the food in the inn's courtyard or in the fine hunting room. Either way, the friendly staff will make sure you have a good experience.

If we take a look at the menu at Lygtens Kro, there is no doubt that the food is German-inspired. What you can order varies as the menu card is constantly updated. Therefore, we highly recommend you to check out the inn's website, where you can read all about what's on the menu right now.

If, for example, you choose to order meat, it is important to emphasize that the meat is the animal welfare mark from their supplier. The meat is also free-range and organic. If you are vegan, Lygtens Kro also serves vegan options.

On the restaurant's Facebook page, there are currently around 7128 people who like Lygtens Kro, which indicates the popularity of the place. In addition, 181 people have made reviews of their experience at Lygtens Kro, which you can with great advantage go in and check out. The inn has a rating of 4.8 out of 5, so there is no doubt that several have had a wonderful dining experience here. In particular, it is the food, the service and the cozy atmosphere that are highlighted in the reviews.

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Are you into German-inspired food, cold beers and nice surroundings? Then Lygtens Kro in Copenhagen Northwest might be just the place for you. There is always a good atmosphere and an exciting menu. Whether you are looking for a place where you can drink a cold beer, or enjoy a good game of dinner, Lygtens Kro can be the place that creates the setting.


Lygten 29
2400 København NV

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Mandag: lukket
Tirsdag - søndag: 12.00 - 00.00


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