At Landmad you can get the best from the country, right in the middle of the big city. Here you get good quality from the stable, the land and the garden, so you can enjoy the coolest products.


Farm shop and country café

In Studsgade, in the center of Århus, you will find the cozy country café Landmad. Here is the concept simple: you have to get the best products directly from the ground, without so much trouble. Here you can wake goodbye to the industrial production and welcome the clean goods. Landmad is not only located in Aarhus, but can be found all around Denmark. It is a concept that started with a small farm shop in 2011, and has since developed into a chain that believes that Danish food is the best direct from Danish mildew.


Delights in long lanes

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, Landmad has taken a 300 year old grocery store, which provides the perfect setting for the murderers farm shop and cafe. As soon as you enter the special atmosphere, you can sense their motto : "Direct from the stable door - Local, Regional, National and Global." You can buy almost anything the heart desires from the favorites from the farm. On their menu you will find the classic cafe dishes, but with a dispute, and of course you only make use of the very right ingredients that are best for you. If you are early on before the rooster crows, try the delicious Landmads Mokost, which is the café's offer for a good brunch. Here you will get Landmad's own bread with freshly prepared delicacies, Danish cheeses, yogurt, sausages and eggs, bacon, their own chicken salad and, as a bonus, you even get a sweet tooth. Yum! Further in the day you should try one of the fresh meal salads, or a juicy Godsejerburger, available in several varieties, even with a vegetarian steak. As a vegetarian this can be your favorite cafe as there are many meat free options on the card. Perhaps a delicious piece of seafood, or a vegetarian breakfast plate will be your new favorite. Landmad is basically a grocery store where you can taste the goods before you buy them - then you can not get better!


Studsgade 6
8000 Aarhus

Contact info

Tlf: 86263623 / 53899898

Opening Hours

Mandag-Lørdag: 9.00-21.00  
Søndag: 9.00-15.00

Mandag-Torsdag: 10.00-18.00
Fredag: 10-19
Lørdag: 10.00-16.00


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