Art School in Aero

Art School at Aero is a high school with a focus on contemporary art.

The current art unfolds in painting, sculpture / installation, video / computer and other media.

The current art has a historical hinterland from the Greeks to Fluxus, philosophical trends, music, literature, media, advertising, protest, revolution or just the desire to make art.

The current art includes interfaces with life's ongoing discussions of everyday society's major issues. The stranger, the other, IT, welfare, identity and gender, nature and so on.

The current art to be opinion-forming. Art historical, social and psychological backdrop plays a prominent role in education.

The current visual tradition and trend, faithless, loss and confident.

The current art is the art you meet in London, Berlin, New York, at the Documenta in Kassel, the Venice Biennale, in some galleries and of many young artists.


Vester Møllebakke 2 5985 Søby, Ærø

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Telefon: 6258 1660


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