School of Architecture

School of Architecture

The School of Architecture is part of the Royal Danish Art Academy.

It takes both education, training and research in architectural studio. This makes it possible to acquire a Ph.D. at the school. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts was founded back in 1754 under the name The Royal Danish Skildre-, Billedhugger- and Building-Academie in Kiøbenhavn, as a gift to King Frederik 5. on his 31st birthday. A school with a long and fascinating history behind it. If you've always had a dream to construct buildings or adapt buildings, cities, parks and other places where people move and staying, the architecture program your ticket to your dream job. Architect program is divided into a 3-year Bachelor and a 2-year Master's program. The bachelor program is a self-training component which both allows to get a job or go to the Master.

What can I become?

An architect working as an architect
The vast majority of architects employed in private architectural firms and architectural tasks in public. A small part is employed as architects in other types of businesses.

Both in a project team and the workplace includes different tasks and architects with different qualifications.

The program gives you both broad general architectural skills and you have the option to choose a focus aimed at your personal desire for job content.

Jobs can be:
private studios
Large offices that are internationally oriented.
Small and medium-sized offices that have a more local focus.
Specialized offices that example. concentrating planning, restoration and design.

Public Administration.
Planning Working with local plans, municipalities and regions.
The management area with focus on advice and approval on building projects.
Teaching in higher education, etc.

"Leaning" employment areas
IT, design and programming is also an area with architects.
Communications and advertising industry also uses architects.
Adventure, cultural and event areas as theater, film, art exhibitions, etc. is also a growing field of work for architects.

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Student exercises from IT training


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1435 København. K.

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