City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 18 måneder Folkeskole Beauty house Vejle
City Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 18 måneder
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Education Institution Beauty house Vejle

As a beautician you get an education and some tools to help customers who have skin problems with getting a better everyday life. At the same time, you also learn how to give the best advice on make-up and skin care.

Many products contain substances that can cause allergies, so it is important to get a good guide to which products are best for your skin. This advice is a beautician also.

Beauty house offers you a thorough education in the theoretical subjects such as dermatology, anatomy and microbiology. It is the theoretical education is the cornerstone of how good a beautician can be. Therefore, there is no distance learning or e-learning training, as you need to get the best sparring both in theory and practice. It's a very hands on training where you first learn the theoretical and then perform it in practice. You do not have to think about finding an internship when the internship takes place at the school.

Once you have a basic knowledge of the theoretical is by repetition and practice that you will be trained as the best beautician. The school has many clients as you can practice on a daily basis. At the same time you are not alone in it, as school teachers will always be able to help you with the right guidance.

The school also has some nice amenities that make it not feel like a school, but provides a pleasant atmosphere both for you as a student, but also for customers. In this way it is like to be out in real life on your own clinic.

Precisely in relation to having his own clinic, you also learn the program how you market yourself and keep accounts so that you can start up after graduation.

The program serves as a complete solution for those who want to be independent and have a dream to work with beauty and skin care. With all the tools to get you trained with the best prerequisites for being one of the most talented beauticians and traders.

You can put together your education almost as you like and you can also have a job next while. One third of the training consists of theory, which takes place in the classroom and which contains the following topics:

  • Education in skin structure and texture, as well as human anatomy and physiology.

  • Musculoskeletal learn, organs, blood and cells

  • Pathology, including dermatology, nutrition and vitamin and mineral learn

  • Education in motor skills and movement

  • Microbiology and hygiene

  • Teaching of the different products

  • Sales Psychology and how customers think

  • Operation of own clinic

  • Sales and service as well as teaching aids

The practical part takes place in the school clinic and includes: following topics:

  • Caring for the skin and face

  • Analyses of the skin and facial

  • Learn to handle Pristine Microdermabrasion device and Oxygen unit

  • Treatment of eyelashes and eyebrows and makeup

  • Manicures, Shellac, Pedicure

  • Massage Technique, hotstone massage and wellness massage

  • wax Treatments

With all the practical lessons you get a lot of experience and routine that makes you safe and makes your future customers safe. You will be assessed continually in training to improve your skills and provide you with the best tools and create a successful experience for both you and the customers.

If you wish to be included on Beauty house training you must be 18 or over.

You must have completed the 9th class graduates and have good Danish language skills since you have to talk much with your customers. You must also be stable, mature and trustworthy so that you exude a confidence and security that your customers will want to come back to.

In addition, it is important that you are well groomed with close-cropped, clean nails. The hair must be set up if it is long. Service is a code word in the industry and you will be expected to meet the same expectations as self-employed or employed in business.

Before you can start at school you an information interview where the school will be presented and you can ask all the questions you have. Take therefore quiet contact with Beauty House for more information here below.

Job Opportunities

After graduation, the student is trained as a cosmetologist. The students are then dressed to work at the clinic, in perfumery, at the materialist, at a spa / wellness center, which sells, trains in the beauty industry or as an independent cosmetologist. Some are employed at theaters or TV stations, where special makeup is required. As the competition in the cosmetology profession is high, it is important that you as a graduate cosmetologist have the best prerequisites and professional tools to get a job or build a clientele. If you choose to become an independent cosmetologist, there is also some administrative work. You must order goods and keep accounts.

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