Contract Officer in Army

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Odense Lønnet praktik Danish Military Educations 3 year Gymnasiel Defence command
City Odense
Student Scholarships Lønnet praktik
Category Danish Military Educations
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution Defence command
Contract Officer in Army

Contract Officer in the army is one of the Defence newer programs. The program is a highly concentrated management education, where you primarily trained for management of support functions and not to lead soldiers in the field. Therefore ligges The program places emphasis on learning to take responsibility for the tactical and practical preparation by a battalion operational tasks.

Training Basic Module The training starts with a 13-month basic module at the Army NCO School in Sønderborg. Here starts the first 6 months with a compressed conscription and a sergeant training. Then begins four months where you need to be trained as a team driver and instructor for a team conscripts. Finally, you get 3 months of tactical training on the Army Combat School in Oksbøl. Superstructure The superstructure consists of a total of 11 months' basic training for officers. It takes place at the Royal Military School in Copenhagen. Here studied subjects like tactics, physical education, English, management, psychology, education, learning and political science. This part of training is very demanding and included kompetancekurserm who intend to develop your leadership skills under pressure. Internship It all ends with 12-month internship, 6 months of which are in international service. Before sent you, however, translated theory into practice and trained in the procedures practiced by each battalion.

Broadcasting As mentioned international service part of the training. Continues to his career as an officer, you will typically be issued every 3 years on international operations.

Job Opportunities

Contract Officer in the army leader.

Special admission requirements

2 days of auditions with physical tests, written tests, personal questionnaire, interview, physical examination and an assessment of a commission.

Application deadlines

Please see: Defence education website