Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus (common record)

Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus (common record)

Kollegiekontoret in collaboration with housing associations in Aarhus and four independent colleges established a central portal for house-hunting students at educational institutions in Aarhus, called the common record.

The common record allows you, as students, to search all the different study-housing in one place.

Web: www.kollegie8000.dk

Here are a few descriptions of some of the colleges Kollegiekontoret manage:

Damager College
Damager College is located in Viby (Aarhus South) and has a total of 184 apartments and 148 one-bedroom apartments and 40 two-bedroom apartments. There are good busmuligheder to educational institutions in Aarhus and walking distance to Viby Center (shopping), Facts and McDonalds. Want to search a home on Damager College, so you must apply via the home page .
Damager College Damagervej 12A-N Viby (Aarhus South)
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Skjoldhøj College
Skjoldhøj College is not the world's most beautiful dorm-building with its concrete walls, but what Skjoldhøj College lacks in looks, it tilgengæld in charm and social life. Skjoldhøj College is located in Brabrand. Skjoldhøj residence has a lot of activity groups that you can join and do social activities with the other residents. Activity groups are everything from exercise and football to a club for parents and children to socialize and access. You can also play table tennis or use the college's own workshop if you are dexterous. In college TV room you can watch TV or keep film evenings with your friends. You can also relax in the College sauna which is open every man and Tuesday from 06-22 (free to use). Want to search an apartment on Skjoldhøj College, so consult Kollegiekontoret .
Skjoldhøjkollegiet Spobjergvej 5 8220 Brabrand Tel. 8250 9000
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Ravnsbjerg College
Ravnsbjerg College is located in Aarhus district Viby with approximately 8 km to University Park, about 7 km to the Business School and about 5 km from the center of Aarhus. Ravnsbjerg residence has a total of 486 apartments spread over 432 one-bedroom apartments, 18 two-bedroom apartments and 36 2½-bedroom apartments. There currently. 580 bebore on Ravnsbjerg College. Ravnsbjerg College has many nice facilities for its residents: sauna, table tennis, Telia Stofa TV in vher apartment, phone jack in each apartment Internet in the Bolinet Aarhus in each apartment, shared vaskerrum, basketball court, a bicycle workshop and a volleyball court. There is also associated with a number of associations for Ravnsbjerg College such a football, a pool club, an exercise club and a music club to name some of them. Want to search an apartment on Ravnsbjerg college, then you should search via Kollegiekontoret . Ravnsbjerg College Western Gate 1 8000 Aarhus C
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Grundtvig House College
Grundtvig House College is an older building in 1996 with 130 residents. The College is located in Aarhus Nord and is close to technical college, HTX nursing school. Danish School of Journalism and Aarhus Academy. Apartments on the Grundtvig House College is so built up that you share kitchen and bathroom with your neighbor. You live at a room of about 12 m2. Grundtvig House College offers a lot of social activities as Friday, parties, sports events, Tour des chambres and more. Would you search an apartment on Grundtvigs House College, so consult Kollegiekontoret .

Skejbygård residence has a total of 128 apartments for students. Each apartment has its own toilet, bathroom and kitchen. The size of the apartments is 26 m2.

Want to search an apartment on Skejbygård College, so consultListing / Aarhus / student residence-colleges / 68 "target =" _ blank "> Kollegiekontoret.
Skejbygård College Skejby Vænge 1 DK-8200 Aarhus N
Phone: 21 24 75 48

E-mail: jpb@kollegiekontoret.dk
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