Copenhagen Dentist

Copenhagen Dentist

Royal Dental is your guarantee of an experience and effective consultation, whether it is a dental examinations, removal of wisdom teeth or something else. With over 20 years of experience you are sure the absolute best experience and treatment.

Royal Dental has extensive experience with all types of treatments, and can advise you professionally about the various treatment options.

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New dentist?
When you get a new dentist is important to know which treatments you need and how to get the best possible advice on your teeth. At Copenhagen dentist you will always get a thorough preventive examination if you have not been to the dentist long, so you can be sure to get the right treatment.

If you wish, Royal Dental request your medical records and possibly. X-rays from your previous dentist. Simply tell the dentist the name and acronym. phone number. So they make sure to have the record, when you get the first time - what could be simpler.

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Copenhagen Dentist says:
"We place great demands on the quality of our clinic. Therefore, we have put much emphasis on ensuring the quality of our work procedures and surgical treatments. That is also why we can proudly say that we, as the first specialized clinic in Denmark, has received ISO 9001/88 certification. A certificate attesting that we comply with the requirements in water quality, hygiene and IT security. "

Why Copenhagen Dentist?
- More than 2o years of experience
- Painfree treatment
- Professional treatment in pleasant surroundings

In addition to this offer Royal Dental also: price evaluation before treatment, warranty of root canals, the possibility of funding if the SU does not quite stretch, you are a member of Denmark's further opportunity grants.
Whatever your needs are Royal Dental nearby choices. Experience, service and location makes it one of Copenhagen's absolute best dentists. not hesitate a second to recommend the place.

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Student Discounts

Always 15% student discount on the free services - valid student card.

Copenhagen Dentist


Vester Voldgade 86
1552 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 7088 6201

E-mail: Klik venligst her

Opening Hours

Man - Fre

08.00 - 15.30


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Copenhagen Dentist
Copenhagen Dentist
Copenhagen Dentist