clinical Nutrition

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen SU berettiget Masters 2 year Bachelor University of Copenhagen
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Masters
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Bachelor
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is a 2-year training and simultaneously a study that focuses on the nutrients found in our diet and how they can be used to treat sick people. The idea is that many hospital stays can be shortened dramatically if treatment shape also helps with the right kind of nutrition to the patient. The knowledge you gain about nutrients and disease treatment retrieved from the disciplines of physiology, pathology, nutrition learn and nutritional physiology. During training, you'll also get practical training at a hospital where the intention is that you can assist and test your theoretical knowledge in practice.

If you like biology, medicine and economics, the clinical nutrition just the right way to go.

You learn how to save patients from pain and long stays in hospital, while you can save society a lot of money, so they can be prioritized for other purposes.

You have the opportunity to have direct contact with patients as a counselor, or you can choose the more management-oriented way, where you have to look at budgets and influence those in the most appropriate manner.

With knowledge of clinical nutrition gives you insight into how to treat the sick by giving them the right to eat.

Among other things, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can be controlled and prevented with proper nutrition.

You are taught how to analyze patients' diet and health and how to show a connection on this.

Once you are trained, you can teach the subject or researching in the field, which is a popular research area, and that there is an increasing need for research in this area, as society develops in the direction where more and more need for the proper diet when there are more allergy sufferers.

You can also become a consultant specializing in the body's ability to break down nutrients.

Besides the nutritional education you also get training in leadership, communication and scientific method, which just prepares you to investigate further or be administrative staff member with management responsibilities may at a hospital.

Job Opportunities

You may be employed as a nutrition adviser, either in a gym that focuses on this, or as a consultant. You can also be employed at a hospital in the management of clinical nutrition, how to optimize the use of diet to improve patients' conditions and health.

Related student jobs

If you want the managerial future with your training, it will be fine to join the Red Cross or similar organizations or associations. Otherwise, you can work in a gym as a trainer, nutrition adviser or assistant to these.