classical Archaeology - Bachelors

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Aarhus SU berettiget Bachelors 3 year Gymnasiel University of Copenhagen
Aarhus university
City Copenhagen, Aarhus
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Bachelors
Duration 3 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
Aarhus university
classical Archaeology

The classical archeology is all about Greece as the entire cradle of Western culture - from the Hellenistic kingdoms and later the flowering of the Roman Empire, which at one point embraced almost all of Europe.

The period is taught, ranging from the Bronze Age to the 2nd century.

You will as a classical archaeologist studying various relics from the long culture period, for example. temples, jars, weapons, amphitheaters, statues - all of which reflect how the Greeks thought and expressed themselves in cultural activities. You get an intimate knowledge of developments in Greece from the Archaic, Classical to the Hellenistic period in the Mediterranean.

In the first two years of training, you study the Greek and Roman art and cultural history. Here you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of objects and moments. You you will be able to describe, analyze and deploy in a larger context. If you are not already familiar with Greek and Latin, then you will also have to follow a preparatory course in these two language subjects. You want to study classical archeology should familiarize yourself with the major areas of knowledge in a short time, but you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in it, you find exciting.

The study is both theoretical and practical. You will have to read a lot and follow traditional teaching, but will also have to leave the field work, where you will learn excavation and survey technique.

The purpose of the training is to learn how to analyze these relics and understand the classical archeology research the history, theory, history and philosophy of science, so that you can use it in practice and learn it from you.

Classical Archaeology is a subject that is more theoretical than practical fulfillment.

If you want to take a light version of archeology can choose to study classics at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense , where the training takes you around the ancient Greek universe. You can choose to specialize in archeology, if you wish, but otherwise it's literature, philosophy, religion, history and diverse community studies are focusing on.

You have the option later to find employment as a teacher or in museums and art institutions.

Job Opportunities

Teacher, employee at the museum or cultural institution, a research assistant.

Special admission requirements

Danish A, English B, History B or History of Ideas B or Contemporary History B, Greek and Latin A A (Both levels can also be achieved by introductory courses in connection with the bachelor program).