Kähler in Tivoli

Kähler in Tivoli

As one of the many adventures you can experience in Tivoli, you can now give your taste buds a magical experience beyond the ordinary. You will certainly appreciate the beautiful decor that is filled with furniture and lamps by Verner Panton, Wegner and Jacobsen. Do you have a hidden designer in you, or you just love the design furnishings and decor, this is especially for you. If you are a foodie, you will of course also seem particularly good about the visit, gastronomic is Kähler in Tivoli at a very high level, and only the best chefs coming through the needle eye. Kähler in Tivoli presents dishes based on seasonal ingredients, and so many of the ingredients as possible are organic, so therefore you get the full experience of pure taste, while sitting in the beautiful atmospheric rooms.

The Danish food culture goes way back and especially sandwiches are some of what we are known for in this country. Kähler also offers award winning sandwiches that have gotten really good reviews, among other things Euroman food critic who thought that it was Tivoli's best sandwiches. Besides the well-prepared sandwiches, you will find at the fine menu also exciting and Nordic appetizers, entrees and desserts for the whole family.

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Kähler in Tivoli would like to convey the passion for pure, aesthetic, beautiful and tasteful in one. It gets you all in the stylish restaurant, with a meal where design and taste are mixed to a great pleasure that you are reluctant to get up from the back, in fear of losing the joy and cozy atmosphere you have consumed at Kähler in Tivoli. Fortunately, you can always book a table again and come as often as you like.

The exceptional service and skilled, discrete operation during design lamps, giving the feeling of Danish food culture in its basic form with the hospitality and coziness. Kähler always welcome you and you are welcome to take the family.

Student guide recommends going into Euro Mans footsteps and follow their food critic into Kählers restaurant in Tivoli. Take a seat in furniture design and select everything from sandwiches to wine menu, and make the modern interpreted meal served on Kählers own beautifully designed service. It is an experience everyone should treat themselves.

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Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 5373 8484
Mail: info@kahler-i-tivoli.dk

Opening Hours

Søndag - torsdag: 11.30-23.00
Fredag - lørdag:    11.30-00.00

Køkkenet er åbent kl. 11.30-22.00.

Herefter serveres der drikkevarer fra menukortet.


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Kähler in Tivoli
Kähler in Tivoli
Kähler in Tivoli
Kähler in Tivoli