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There is not the task they can not cope with dentists Egå. Everything from discolored teeth to fix the crooked teeth mm.

There is always a greater focus on health and beauty, and therefore teeth have also come into focus. We brush our teeth to get that beautiful look. The good thing is that it is not only the beauty there is a side effect. The good dental health is maintained, as even teeth are easier to hold than lean and collapsed teeth. Poor intercourse may also cause poor speech and chewing function, and abnormal wear and tear and pain in the jaws and muscles may occur. Additionally, you get a self-boost when you have a beautiful smile after dental training. An attractive smile is an asset, and not least an important part of communication and social behavior. Studies have shown that a beautiful smile has a positive effect on humans. They also bring greater self-esteem, which can increase the quality of life.
Dentists Egå can help you to a more beautiful smile. They can also remedy teeth that are discolored, are twisted, poorly distributed, too long, too short, worn or completely missing in their mouth. There is in Denmark today a wide range of procedures that dentists can use to correct these problems. One can include put thin shells of porcelain on the teeth, spaces can be closed and through a clinic bleaching the discolored teeth can bleach.

If you have any of the following problems and want a more beautiful smile, it is at the dentists Egå you should come.


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