In the heart of Aarhus you will find Juliette. Juliette is a cozy French café and brasserie with delicious food at reasonable prices. Specifically, you will find the café on Jægergårdsgade 54. There are many cafes in Aarhus, but Juliette is definitely a place worth visiting if you love French cuisine and you are in Aarhus anyway. Juliette in Aarhus is a place filled with delicious dishes and a good atmosphere. Does that sound like something for you? Then you can read along here.

There are many good places in Aarhus where you can sit down and eat a good portion of food or enjoy a cup of coffee, and here Juliette on Jægergårdsgade 54 is certainly no exception. Juliette is an informal and cozy brasserie where the atmosphere is top notch. You can both sit inside the cozy rooms or outside in the brasserie's patio if the weather chooses to show off its good side. The rooms are rustically furnished, which helps to create a modern and cozy atmosphere in the café. You are greeted by the staff with a big smile, which is why the service and atmosphere of the cafe is really good. Therefore, you can expect the service to do its best to give you a wonderful experience. Furthermore, the food in the café is also arranged in a way where it is obvious that the detail is being chewed. And who knows? It may be your next photo on Instagram should be from a visit to Juliette. The beautiful arrangement of the delicious food and the beautiful surroundings are certainly obvious to be etched with a picture.

When you take a closer look at the menu, you will quickly notice the many options that Juliette offers her guests. Every weekend, for example, you can visit the café and enjoy their delicious brunch buffet. Here you can choose from everything from French yogurt, scrambled eggs, homemade cake and fresh fruit to croissants and freshly baked rye bread. There are really many options here, which is why we also consider the price of the brunch buffet reasonable. You can read much more about the brunch buffet on the café's own website if that sounds like something to you. A delicious brunch buffet from Juliette is an obvious way to start her weekend.
Juliette's lunch menu also offers a little different if you are looking for something delicious after a long day of reading. Among other things, you can choose from everything from a delicious pie, beef tatar to a selection of different sandwiches, where there will certainly be a variant that will suit your taste. If you are on a shopping trip with your friend in Aarhus, you can with great advantage also enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the cafe together with a delicious piece of cake. You can also enjoy a delicious croissant at Juliette, which is almost a must in the French-inspired brasserie. Juliette has many opportunities, and it is definitely a cozy brasserie where food is spoiled for choice.
In the evening, for example, you can choose from a 2-course menu or a 3-course menu, where you can supplement with a corresponding wine menu. On the cafe's own website, you can read what the menu offers, so you can get an impression of whether you think it sounds like something to you.

It is obvious to enjoy its food in the café, but if you are more in the mood to enjoy the delicious specialties at home in the living room, so can you! You have the opportunity to order food from Juliette as take away. To order take away, call the cafe.

If you are a larger company going out for dinner, it may be a good idea to reserve a table in advance so that you are secured seats with Juliette. You can also treat your girlfriend, mom or girlfriend with a Juliette gift card. You can do this via the café's own website.
Juliette is also a café that is very active on social media, which is why you can take a great look at the cafe's Facebook page or profile on; Instagram . Here, great pictures of the staff, the rooms and the delicious food are constantly posted! This gives you a much better idea of whether Juliette should be the target of your next café visit in Aarhus.

Juliette is definitely worth a visit for those who love good food inspired by French comfort food. Here you can get delicious food where service is top notch. Furthermore, the atmosphere is also quite informal, which contributes to the pleasant atmosphere. All in all, at Juliette, you get an accomplished cafe experience that you can treat yourself and your friends with as a reward for a passing exam or similar. You will find Juliette in the heart of the city of smiles, which is why you can easily get here, whether you already live in Aarhus or not.


Jægergårdsgade 54, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 21 54 54
E-mail: info@juliette.dk

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 10.00 - 23.30


Juliette's website