Jimmys Driving School

Jimmy trained therapist before he started as a driving instructor. His background clearly marked when the new unsecured student be behind the wheel. Furthermore, his time as a chef made that he is used to dealing with stressful situations, so it rubs off on the student with Jimmy's always good and peaceful mood.

Lots of experience

Jimmy has been a driving teacher for a number of years, and has gained some experience behind her. In addition to working as a driving instructor, he works as a teacher and educator in a school, which has made him impending and patient when it comes to your safety behind the target. You can be sure that Jimmy will probably guide you in the best possible way when you need to take a driving license. Throughout his time as a driving instructor, he has also gained a lot of experience when it comes to pupils with special challenges - so you can be quite funny, no matter what can he possibly help you?


When you start the theory teaching you will come to a team where there are max 5 people. Teaching will primarily be on your own computer so you have the opportunity to do it at your own pace. And if you're in doubt, you can of course ask Jimmy for advice. The theory teaching takes place on a daily evening, while the driving hours will take place during the daytime, between 8-17. Once you have been registered with the driving school, make sure you register for a traffic-related first aid course as soon as possible and get a medical certificate.




- Unlimited theory

-Engineering course

-16 driving sections

= Total package price totaling 12,500 kr.

The package only contains the absolute minimum number of driving sections, most of them need extra.


-Leading car for driving test 475 kr.

-Other driving options of 475 kr.

-Delivery from driving section 475 kr.

-PC login for theory, as well as theory tests 450 kr.

-Manøvrebane 1500 kr.

-Technical course (glatbane) 1700 kr.

A driving section lasts 45 min.

The car to drive is a Skoda Octavia combi 1.4 tsi from 2014


Birkevej 35 - 8410 Rønde

Contact info

tlf: 41563222

mail: jimmyaakjaer@gmail.com


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