Special Forces

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Lønnet praktik Danish Military Educations 1 year Folkeskole Defence command
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Lønnet praktik
Category Danish Military Educations
Duration 1 year
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Education Institution Defence command
Special Forces

As a special forces soldier, you become part of the Army's special operations force. This strength may on short notice be deployed in operations where conventional strength for various reasons can not be used. You will like jaeger be trained to perform reconnaissance and combat tasks.

Hunter Soldiers often inserted as the first in the international missions in unfamiliar areas. Here they work on threat assessments, reconnaissance, privacy, etc.


Training of elite soldier is divided into 5 modules. It starts with an introductory course when expectations for education and job as a ranger made clear. When it's over start patrujlekurset where work on purpose, interpersonal skills, stamina and practical soldiers skills. Then commenced aspirant course where these skills in the form of more complex exercises herein mixed with confidence tests. When the course is completed to beginning the training in combat swimming and skydiving.

Finally, take courses in core competence and role specialization. Here are trained to in the operative specializing you have to carry out the work among a team of commandos. The entire program is supplemented by mental training.


One must as a trained hunter expect to be broadcast frequently since the program has targeted to make the student ready for deployment in foreign and extreme conditions.

Job Opportunities

Special Forces, security guard, security advisor, coach / supervisor.

Special admission requirements

admission Requirements

visual Requirements

  • Fully vision without correction. Exemptions may be granted for refraktionskorrigerende treatment of type LASEK and PRK approved (LASIK is also expected to be approved)
  • You do not use glasses and / or contact lenses. Your visual acuity is at least 6/6 - each eye separately with both eyes simultaneously.
  • You have normal color perception and may consist Ischiaras color test

NB! Vision requirement expected to be changed to a maximum of 6/9 of one eye if 6/6 of the other eye. As well as minimum 6/6 in both eyes simultaneously.