Indian Flavours

Indian Flavours

Indian Flavours is an Indian / Pakistani restaurant on Jyllingevej 42, where you can really get very delicious food for the price. Indian Flavours has ample parking and is close to Jyllingevej Station and Vanløse Station.

The kitchen at Indian Flavours retrieves primary inspiration from the north Indian cuisine and since Indian Flavours is a family restaurant - it is also north india family comes from. Some of the dishes are also inspired by the Pakistani cuisine.

The dishes

Since Indian Flavours serves Indian and Pakistani dishes so the food is well seasoned - to all guests can participate, so the courts divided in strength from mild to medium to strong for a really "hot" experience.

The menu

The menu at Indian Flavours offers tasty traditional dishes and specialties such as:

Chicken Curry - Chicken in curry sauce
Chicken Madrasi - Chicken pieces without legs cooked in mattress curry sauce
Lamb Butter - Spiced lamb with raisins and almonds in curry and tomato sauce, added tandoori seasoning
Beef Vindaloo - Beef cooked in very strong kryderi and red chilli


Must try Indian and Pakistani food for the first time or you will just taste a little of everything, so we highly recommend that you order the buffet at Indian Flavours. Indian Flavours' buffet contains very much from the dishes on the a la carte menu as well as salad and various accessories. Have you ordered a buffet so you can eat ad libitum.


Drinks on Indian Flavours fits nicely with the spicy meal and you can enjoy Indian beers such as Kingfisher and Cobra. The wine list on Indian Flavours has a nice selection of wines complementing dishes well and gives a good dining experience.

The mood

The mood at the Indian Flavours are very cultural and guests feel as a part of the Indian culture. The waiters are dressed in traditional Indian costumes, the music is determined and Indian. Operation is extremely competent and, since it is a family restaurant, so by the waiters about the food and can easily advise on the choice of food. Reservation before, the restaurant opens at. 16, can be made by telephone: 3151 0735th


Jyllingevej 42
2720 Vanløse

Contact info

Telefon: 3879 5888

Opening Hours

Alle ugens dage: 16.00 - 21.30

Indian Flavours
Indian Flavours
Indian Flavours
Indian Flavours