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Most people, and especially students, probably know IKEA. IKEA is an international furniture store that was founded in Sweden and can be found around the world today. At IKEA you find everything for your home decor at low prices, without compromising on quality. That is why IKEA is especially loved by students who often do not have much money to buy furniture and decor items.

If you are missing furniture for your new studio home or maybe you just want to take a look at their various home-made tips, you may want to check out one of IKEA's stores. You can find it both in Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen and in Aalborg. Ikea in Odense you can find at the address Ørbækvej 91.

IKEA was founded back in the year 1943 as a small Swedish company that sold products through a mail order catalog. This is hard to imagine as IKEA has grown to become a global brand for home décor products loved by people all over the world who want to buy high quality furniture and decor items for cheap money. Ingvard Kamprad started the company when he was just 17 years old, where he sold pens and purses, among other things. Growing up, people made very little money, and they made the most of things, which is why they needed to be economical and innovative. In addition, they had a practical approach to solving everyday problems, and these are explanations of how IKEA today does things and how they have achieved their success.

The name IKEA comes from the initials IK of the founder, E of Elmtaryd which was the farm he grew up on, and A of the nearby village of Agunnaryd, which together make up the name. This always created the name for the huge business that IKEA is today. It is one of the world's best-known home decor brands. In total, approx. 1 million people.

Therefore, IKEA is also the obvious place for you as a student to look for work. IKEA is found in all the major study cities in the country, and there are many positions that can be applied for at the company. The company is known as being a great place to work and therefore this is obvious for those who are looking for a study job in a good environment. In addition, as an employee of IKEA, you receive a discount on their range, which is certainly a particularly advantageous benefit for the employees. So if you love their furniture, are looking for a job, and want to save money on furniture, apply for a job at IKEA . It is a win win then.

Whatever you are looking for in your home, you are sure to find it here. Whatever your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, dining room, bathroom, utility room, entrance hall or garden, you will find furniture for IKEA that fits in here. Their many different collections make it easy to personalize your home without spending a lot of money. Whether you are into colors, black and white or anything in between, you will find something here that suits your home. In addition, IKEA is known for having good prices so most people can join. Therefore, it is a very good idea to make a visit here if you as a student are going to arrange your first apartment. Maybe you just got a studio home but are missing everything for home, then IKEA is definitely the best place for you.

You have the option to join IKEA by signing up for the IKEA Family. As a member, you get advantageous discounts, whether on various furniture that is discounted or cheaper food in their canteen.

Visit IKEA today to find all the things you need for your home.


Ørbækvej 91
5220 Odense SØ

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